Happy Chinese new year to your family!

Wishing a very happy Chinese new year – year of the mouse to all friends and families celebrating in and around our dental clinic in Cloverdale, Surrey and surrounding areas. Its a perfect time to catch up with your family, cousins and friends.

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Also taking an opportunity to explain why winter’s Chinese new year season is also a good time to visit the dentist as a family. Winters in Cloverdale are very mild – but we dont have a lot of family friendly activities like in the spring, summer or the fall. You spend most of your weekends at home and why not visit the dentist as a family? We offer all kinds of dentistry for kids, cosmetic procedures, regular dental cleanings and checkups, restorative dentistry just to name a few.

We are a family friendly dental clinic run by a local family. Feel free to give us a call at 604-372-2861 to schedule visits for all of your family. We are a dental open Saturdays and Sundays by appointment. Happy Chinese new year again!

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  1. This is the go to the clinic for all your Dental needs! I am truly in love with this place. Amazing customer service from the front desk. I couldn’t ask for a better place to get the dream smile. I totally endorse this place as the staff are all very kind, knowledgeable, helpful, cool and they totally care about your needs. They are also very flexible in every way. They always try to accommodate your busy schedule, special circumstances. etc.. They are true keepers.Thank you . keep up the good work! 🙂

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