Kids dentistry or pediatric dentistry is the dental services specializing in younger ages. Good dental habits and practices can lead the path to a life long oral health benefits. Hence it is essential to get your children used to good dental habits such as brushing teeth after meals, flossing, healthy snacking and regular visits to the dentist.

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Being parents, our dentists, dental hygienists and even office administrators have created a family friendly dental environment that encourages children to keep visiting us. We do dental check ups, cleanings and any oral surgeries for babies aging 1 year and up in our kids dentistry.

At Pearl Care Dental conveniently located in Cloverdale – Surrey, we try to teach toddlers and elder kids to brushing and flossing techniques hoping they will continue to have excellent oral hygiene though out their life.

Do you have young children that need a dental check up, cleaning or a treatment? Feel free to call us at 604-372-2861 to setup and appointment.