Benefits of having a Family Dentist

General and family dentistry seem similar but they have one stark difference – Family dentistry treats all your family no matter the age. From toddlers to elderly – everyone can get treated by one dentist in one dental clinic. Below are some of the benefits of choosing a family dentist vs a general dentist.

Easier scheduling (visits)
No need to keep track of all different visits for all your family members to many different dentists. You can schedule all of your family in one go on the same day with us at our state of the art dental clinic in Cloverdale, Surrey BC.

Developing personal relationships
A family dental visit strengthens relationship with the dentist leading to good dental health habits for a long time.

Easier tracking dental history
It’s easier when all of your families dental history is with one dentist – some issues can be anticipated early and prevented.

Leading your children by example
Kids When you visit the family dentist with your kids – they see how you behave with a dentist and learns good habits from you.

Wide range of dental services
Different ages needs different services. Everyone needs preventative services such as cleanings and checkups while young kids sometimes need cosmetic services such as Invisalign and adults needs restorative services such as fillings. Family dentists like Dr. Sugath can provide all of these services without having to refer to many different clinics.

Pearl care dental clinic is one of the best family dentists in the area and if you and your family are in search of a dentist near you in Surrey or the surrounding neighborhoods, feel free to call us at 604-372-2861 or click here to book an appointment online.