First Cloverdale Dental Clinics to install an Aerosol Evacuator System

Worried about dental cleanings, regular checkups or cosmetic dentistry procedures during covid19 pandemic? Worry no more as we have just installed a state of the art technology that sucks airborne viruses, bacteria, dust and aerosols during procedures and filters it out a 3 stage HEPA Filtration system eliminating 99.97% of all above matter and then is filtered through a UV-C disinfection before being exhausted outside.

See how the Defendme Aerosal evacuator system works during a dental procedure to eliminate all airborne particulate matter.

We are one of the first dental clinics in Cloverdale – Surrey area to install such a safety system. PCD always values patient and staff safety as our number one priority and this system is key to safety as it minimizes risk of any infections such as flu even after the pandemic.

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