Kids Dental Checkups and cleanings – Why Halloween is the best time

Kids dental health takes a U turn during the candy filled Halloween time. Sure, the costumes, decorations and trick o treating is fun – but proper dental habits need to be followed to have smiles that will last a lifetime. Below are some of the tactics for parents during and few weeks in to Halloween and last one is the most important.

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1. Remind kids to rinse mouth with water after eating candy

  • Brushing after every time a kid eats candy isn’t practical. And brushing too often isn’t recommended. Remind them to rinse mouth with water and drink plenty of water after eating those Halloween Candy so the sugars don’t stay in their mouth until they brush.

2. Floss religiously

  • Teach older kids to floss and make sure they do it every night to get those sticky candy stuck between teeth.

3. Brushing at least two times a day – strictly followed

  • Halloween is a busy time for parents with costume parties, decorations .etc. But make sure your kids brush at least two times a day during few weeks after Halloween until that stash gets lower.

4. No candy or food after brushing teeth before bedtime

  • Many parents brush before bed time strictly but gives in to Childs pressures to have candy or sweet food as a bedtime snack. This is really bad as all that brushing is now useless.

5. Schedule a kids dental checkup and a cleaning during or few weeks after Halloween time

  • Scheduling a dental cleaning helps clean any candy residue that’s stuck in hard to reach areas in the mouth. During cleanings and checkups – our dentist makes sure to remind kids of good dental habits. He shows how to brush properly reaching all areas or the mouth and introduces to flossing that many aren’t used to. We are a family dentistry – so your whole family can come in for a visit and we can do cleaning and checkups for the whole family during one visit making it incredibly convenient for parents.

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